At Hera, we believe that no matter how amazing you are or how great your product/service is, people might shy away just because they don't think of you at the right time. Or can't seem to understand exactly how you can help them.

We help you bridge the awareness and knowledge gap between your prospective customers and you. In the simplest, most creative ways possible.

Elston Baretto

Founder of (TiinyHost)

The Hera team has been super helpful on our journey to $10k MRR. Jumoke is an absolute creative delight to work with.


24+ Team Members


100% Client Satisfied


>1 M People Reach


2 performance awards

Building world-class marketing funnels

At Hera, we take the time to understand how people come to know you, why people like you, and why people trust you. We then carefully use this knowledge to create systems and processes that are lasting and drive consistent results.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing team to fill gaps or boost strengths towards projects or goals. If you don't have a marketing team, we will set you up for success, from scratch if needed.

We are a team of Marketing professionals, Project Managers, Product Managers, Content Writers, Social Media Managers and Designers with over 15 years of collective experience.

Project kickoff

Market research, archetype selection, user interviews.

Strategy Ideation

Content ideation, campaign ideation, success metrics.


Systems building, funnel building, Reporting.


Performance assessments, strategy improvements, market re-entry.

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