Drogo → Beta to Revenue

Drogo launched its beta phase in February 2023 and struggled to get up to 40 beta testers to prove viability. Hera Marketing came onboard in March 2023. Together with the team, we launched a campaign that resulted in 300+ beta testers by end of May 2023 and set the company on a revenue path.

Client : Drogo (UK)

Start Date : March 3, 2023

Category : Utility Software

Introducing Drogo: Project Management With Ease

Drogo is a 6-in-1 utility software that helps people get Project Management right in their personal or business projects. It's suitable for people who would like to be a bit more intentional about how they manage their personal and team projects. Drogo comes with support for documents, taskboards, in-app chats, reports, social media marketing and content marketing. If you're on the lookout for a tool that helps you work seamlessly with others in a way that encourages everyone to stay accountable, Drogo is a great choice.

Drogo went into beta on the 1st of February, 2023. The team struggled for the first month but couldn't get up to 25 people. Hera paired with Drogo's marketing team on the 1st of March and immediately launched a community campaign. The community campaign (TAN) involved creating a community of Drogo's target users that could become a funnel for Drogo. We launched the community by the end of April and grew it to over 1000 members in one month.

The TAN community campaign pulled in 300+ beta users within two months on a very moderate budget. These users gave Drogo the feedback the team needs and set them back on track to revenue generation.


When launching a product, the first set of users you get are super important. It's wonderful if they come in with the mindset that the environment might not be perfect and you could use all the feedback you get. The relationships you build during your early-stage marketing will carry you well into the later stages of your business growth. It paid off for HM Community to take the time to get intimate with a smaller set of users at the beginning, gather as much feedback as they can, and improve the product in ways that wowed later users as they scaled.

Content Marketing is absolutely one of the most sustainable growth strategies we've ever executed. Unlike ads or influencer marketing, the content you create stays long after you publish. So it continues to convert long after a campaign. Although it takes a while to pick up sometimes, the cumulative effect of publishing great content around effective corners of the internet will leave your growth chart with a nice upward curve within a 12-month period.

As a team, we at Hera have implemented multiple content marketing growth strategies. No two business are similar, so mindlessly lifting strategies might not be super effective. If you are curious about what is best for your business, feel free to book a free consulting session.

The people at Hera do good work. I especially like that they are super open to feedback and take their process of improvement very seriously. Great team overall.

Adrian Spataru

Founder/CEO (Cleanvoice.ai)

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