HM Community Launch

HM Community began working with Hera at ideation phase to nail the brand's positioning, unique selling point, ideal customer base and go-to-market strategy. At launch, the community had 212% more people than planned for in a waitlist.

Client : HM Community (Nigeria)

Start Date : February 1, 2023

Category : Community

Introducing HM Community: Connect, Grow and Learn With Mentors

HMCommunity is a professional community that pairs people with mentors as they work towards their personal and professional goals. The community prides itself on the growth of its members and measures success by how often people hit their goals. If you are looking for professional guidance, or a coach in your personal life, there is a huge chance you can find that mentor within the HM Community.

Ahead of the launch in 2023, HMCommunity leveraged Hera's expertise and experience to properly segment the market, position the brand, identify their unique selling point, learn as much as possible about their target audience, and detail their go-to-market strategy. Content Marketers then kicked off creating content for the blog, guest posts and social media.

The team however, had a unique request - they didn't want a lot of people at the beginning. Just a handful they could leverage to learn what works and what doesn't. So we put word around in the right places, and the waitlist had 60 people ready to roll by launch date. Since launch, Hera has helped the HM Community team run several content marketing campaigns that have resulted in a 300% growth in paid subscribers and some strategic partnerships that drive even more sustainable growth.


When launching a product, the first set of users you get are super important. It's wonderful if they come in with the mindset that the environment might not be perfect and you could use all the feedback you get. The relationships you build during your early-stage marketing will carry you well into the later stages of your business growth. It paid off for HM Community to take the time to get intimate with a smaller set of users at the beginning, gather as much feedback as they can, and improve the product in ways that wowed later users as they scaled.

Content Marketing is absolutely one of the most sustainable growth strategies we've ever executed. Unlike ads or influencer marketing, the content you create stays long after you publish. So it continues to convert long after a campaign. Although it takes a while to pick up sometimes, the cumulative effect of publishing great content around effective corners of the internet will leave your growth chart with a nice upward curve within a 12-month period.

As a team, we at Hera have implemented multiple content marketing growth strategies. No two business are similar, so mindlessly lifting strategies might not be super effective. If you are curious about what is best for your business, feel free to book a free consulting session.

I've had an awesome experience so far with Hera's Marketing. We were able to execute multiple campaigns, nurture partnerships and get funnels up and running.

Oare Addeh

Growth Manager (HM Community)

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