Helping TiinyHost to $10k MRR

TiinyHost offers a simple way for users to host and share web projects without the hassle of provisioning a server or online storage. Hera met with the TiinyHost team when they were at 4k and worked with them to increase income by 2.5x through effective content marketing.

Client : TiinyHost (UK)

Start Date : February 1, 2022

Category : Technology

Introducing TiinyHost: the simplest way to host web projects

Getting your work showcased online with TiinyHost is as simple as dragging and dropping a folder. If you need to get a portfolio shared quickly, test a web app in a live environment, drive sales by sharing rich virtual property tours, share a restaurant menu, host e-learning courses, etc., Tiinyhost is for you.

In February 2022, TiinyHost was used by over 1000 people hosting and sharing a variety of web apps and demos. The team wanted to double that number at a sustainable rate, relying primarily on Content Marketing. Together with their internal Marketing team, we analyzed TiinyHost's current userbase to learn what was organically driving registrations. Then we researched on what was working for direct and indirect competitors in the space. Armed with these, we created blog posts and social media content and distributed them in ways that made them easy for potential users to stumble upon.

The result was an increase in domain authority from 25 to 40+ within 12 months, leading to a corresponding 250% increase in site visitors through organic searches. We also launched multiple social media campaigns targeted at specific user groups, depending on the use cases we identified from previous researches. At a 15% landing page conversion rate, TiinyHost quickly grew its number of paid users and got better secured on its journey to $10k MRR. The team celebrated hitting this milestone on the 6th of February 2023 and have since crossed the mark.


Content Marketing is one of the most sustainable growth strategies we've ever executed. Unlike ads or influencer marketing, the content you create stays long after you publish. So it continues to convert long after a campaign. Although it takes a while to pick up sometimes, the cumulative effect of publishing great content around effective corners of the internet will leave your growth chart with a nice upward curve within a 12-month period.

As a team, we at Hera have implemented multiple content marketing growth strategies. No two business are similar, so mindlessly lifting strategies might not be super effective. If you are curious about what is best for your business, feel free to book a free consulting session.

Lastly, definitely check out if you would like a super-reliable, easy-to-use platform to quickly host files, websites and demos you want to share with others.

The Hera team is so organized! Jumoke is an absolute creative delight to work with. I like how proactive the entire team is around problem-solving.

Elston Baretto

Founder at (TiinyHost)

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