Your reputation can open doors before you step into the building.

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Brian - an upcoming artist in Canada with zero connections - was mentioned in the local media and from that, got a gig to exhibit in the state's museum during an important event celebrating art and culture.

If you really think about it, you are doing amazing in your personal life. The things you know, the heights you've achieved, the people you've blessed by your actions. If more people knew the caliber of person you are, they would know to reach out when there is a job, a contract, a board seat, or some other opening well-suited for your unique blend of skills and expderience.

How do you make sure you are intentional and well-represented by your self-image on the internet? Especially when you don't the time?

As we did for Brian, Hera helps you tell your story in a way that feels natural. Hera's content about you celebrates the effort you put into excellence, and the results you get.

Hera assigns you a publicist who is as integrated into your workflow as you'd love.

The most effective stories are delivered in context. Unlike working with an Agency, Hera assigns you a publicist who works with you as a very disciplined, very experienced friend. Your publicist stay dedicated to you, while having access to Hera's network of influencers and partnerships.

What you get is effective storytelling around your personal brand in ways that make the right people pay attention.


Customer Feedback

There is something about working with Abimbola. She gave me confidence that I could have a strategy conversation and leave everything to her to execute well. 10/10!

Oladipo OladepoHead of marketing at (SpaceFinish)

The Hera team is so organized! Jumoke is an absolute creative delight to work with. I like how proactive the entire team is around problem-solving.

Elston BarettoFounder of (Tiiny.Host)

I didn't know much about social media and didn't want to invest in putting a team together. Hera Marketing was perfect. Didn't stress me, got results.

Emmanuel AkoloFounder of (Emmyako Solar Systems)

I've had an awesome experience so far with Hera's Marketing. We were able to execute multiple campaigns, nurture partnerships and get funnels up and running.

Oare AddehManager at (HM Community)



$249/ month

Great quality, smaller scale. Perfect if you are just starting out.

  • 10 daily conversations
  • One Monthly Campaign
  • One Social Account
  • One Monthly Report


$499/ month

Even better quality, fair scale. Popular with businesses ready to grow.

  • 30 daily conversations
  • 3 Monthly Campaigns
  • 3 Social Accounts
  • 3 Weekly Reports


$999/ month

Really dedicated team. Intentional, larger-scale campaigns.

  • 60 daily conversations
  • 6 Monthly Campaigns
  • 6 Social Accounts
  • 1 Weekly Report

FAQs: Common questions answered

Not much at all. You just added someone with experience to your team. As with any of your experienced staff, your level of involvement depends on you. Hera content marketers track and document every part of their processes and results so you can catch up on everything whenever you wish.

We have a very efficient internal marketing operation system that helps us track goals, tasks towards goals, and overall progress. The internal chat and messaging service helps make sure you stay as connected to your Content Marketer as you’d like.

For all our clients (not just those in Europe), we pledge 100% commitment to GDPR stipulations of privacy and data ownership. We do not store any data that clients don’t have access to. We will also delete 100% of client data upon request.

Your team members already signed NDAs with Hera that protect you. If you share sensitive information with your Content Marketing team, they are bound to fully respect your IP. Hera frequently runs audits to ensure you stay protected.

It depends on your goals, industry and the plan you are subscribed to. At kickoff, your Content Marketer will agree with you on what goals to pursue. They will also share weekly progress reports of what they did the past week, what they learnt, and what they plan to do the next week.

If you want them to. It’s frequent to see situations where your Content Marketer could have a clearer perspective if they attend one or more internal meetings. Feel free to tell your teams which meetings to attend, and they will work it out.